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Steam Heat: Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Wayland,  Sudbury.

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                            Call: 508 877 0023steam Heating, Newton ma 

Newton, MA still has quite a few of these steam heat systems. It's wise to trust service and repair of these steam heat systems to a  technician who has a lot of  experience repairing them. Someone who is familiar with all the different steam heating systems still in operation.

Mike Lioce (owner of The Suburban Plumbing Group) started out as a heating technician back in the seventies when steam heat was much more common.
He knows these systems inside and out.

Common steam heat problems and concerns

  • Steam heating system operates under pressure that's too high.
    This can happen (over time) to any system, when not serviced properly. It can happen after a new boiler is installed by a technician who is not knowledgeable enough when it comes to steam heat.

  • Room is too hot.
    If the room is getting too hot, the radiator could be equipped with the wrong size valve. The problem could also be caused by radiators in other rooms. If they are shut off or their vents are blocked, it could be forcing too much steam to the radiator in the overheated room.

  • Room is too cold. The vent could be clogged or broken or it could be that the shut-off valve is not completely open.

  • A radiator is knocking.
    Knocking means that water and steam are running together and restricting the flow of steam. This could mean the radiator has a faulty valve.

  • A radiator is not getting very hot.
    This is not necessarily a problem. A properly balanced radiator will produce only enough heat to warm the room to the desired temperature.

  • You are using the knob on the radiator to regulate the temperature.
    It is not a good idea to control how hot the radiator gets by turning the knob on the shut-off valve. You will force steam and water together, causing bubbles to form. Keep the shut-off valve completely open or completely closed and adjust the vent to change the temperature.

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