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HEATING CONTRACTORS & PLUMBING CONTRACTORS NEWTON, MA Serving: Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Wayland, Sudbury.

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We can do all your heating repairs and installations. 
If you need service for a gas heater, maintenance or repair of a water heater,
if your need to have your oil furnace or gas furnace, serviced. We are familiar
with all common heating systems. We can install a new gas furnace or repair
an old furnace. Installing radiant floor heating is something we get asked about
quite a bit. We have a lot of experience installing floor heating.

Steam heating systems
are not as common as they used to be, so it's wise to trust service and repair of these systems to a  technician who has a lot of  experience in this area and is familiar with all the different steam heating systems still in operation. Mike Lioce (owner of West Suburban Plumbing & Heating) started out as a heating technician back in the seventies when steam heat was much more common. He knows these systems inside and out.

 Water heater repair
Sometimes when you think your water heater needs replacing, all it needs is to be serviced, or repaired. At West Suburban Plumbing & Heating we are familiar with all brands of gas, electric and oil fired heaters. We will never recommend a replacement when a simple repair will do.

 Water heater installation

When you need a new water heater, having it installed by an expert is only part of the process. What is very important before you get to that point is having someone evaluate your particular situation and give you the best possible advice on what your options are.

 Tankless water heater

These days we get more requests than ever for tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters a.k.a. on demand water heaters, have improved greatly over the past few decades. They can be gas or oil fired. Sound and unbiased advice is in order to make the best decision based on your lifestyle requirements as well as on pure economics.

 Repair boiler

Sometimes a failing boiler is just in need of some overdue service. West Suburban Plumbing & Heating is familiar with all types of forced hot water and steam boilers boilers.

 Replace boiler
Boilers have a certain lifespan. It is smart not to gamble to much on beating the odds. When they fail, they can fail catastrophically. It can cause a big mess, especially when it happens when you are away, or in the middle of winter. When in doubt, call your plumbing and heating expert to do an inspection. West Suburban Plumbing & Heating installs both gas and oil fired heating boilers.

 Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating is one of those things that you have to experience to get spoiled for ever. Nothing is cozier than having a nice warm kitchen floor on those cold winter mornings. Off course warm floors in your bathroom is pretty inviting too.

 Gas furnace installation

Need a new gas furnace installed? Who better to cal than the company that started doing these 35 years ago. Gas heat is great, safe, and a good choice economically. Sometimes an oil furnace is the answer, either way West Suburban Plumbing & Heating is equipped for the job..

 Gas furnace service

Do not neglect doing service on your gas furnace. It's easy to forget, because it doesn't draw much attention to itself, but your gas furnace, or oil furnace, should be serviced yearly. It will increase its lifespan, keep it running energy efficient, and give you peace of mind.

 Gas dryer installation
If you have gas coming to your house, a gas dryer is a good choice. It's more energy efficient than an electric dryer, which makes a gas dryer a wise investment


Serving: Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Wayland, Sudbury.